Franklin Fairbanks House

This building was built in 1860 for Franklin Fairbanks, who was at the time a partner in the firm of E. and T. Fairbanks and Co. The architect is unkown, but it is possible that John Davis Hatch was commissioned to design the house. Fairbanks built his house adjacent to what was "The Mechanics Square", located at the entrance to the Scale Works. From his rooftop he could view the entire factory complex. The juxtaposition of homplace to workplace in this instance is a striking illustration of Anglo-Saxon protestant work ethic which was the basis for the company's greatness. This beautiful house deserted up until 1979 when it was fully restored by Jim and Lorraine Impey.


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  • Photo taken between the late 1800's to early 1900's.
  • Photo taken 1979 before the building was restored
  • Photo taken 1979
  • Building shortly after complete resoration in  1980
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